Do you want to spend some time in Cyprus actively, deep dive into Cypriot culture and beautiful nature? In our beautiful island we do recommend to travel by car. Renting a car, you can not limit yourself only to the resort town you live in, but also see a lot of other interesting places.

We would like to present you 3 places where you can easily reach by car from Larnaca that you will never forget.

Kykkos Monastery

Kykkos Monastery is the most famous christian monastery of Cyprus. It was established almost 1000 years ago by the Byzantian government of the island.

Inside the monastery there is an icon of Virgin Mary. This icon is never looked at as it’s hidden behind a protective covering. Only churchmen can see the icon when they clean it.

Coordinates: 34°59’03.0″N 32°44’29.5″E

Caledonia Waterfalls

Cyprus doesn’t have many rivers and waterfalls, that’s why Caledonia is very popular for tourists and local people.

Do you know what Caledonia means? It is a Latin name for Scotland. Why do the waterfalls have the same name? These waterfalls were discovered by a Scotish expedition in 1878 and resembled the nature of Scotland! 

Coordinates: 34°54’32.0″N 32°51’50.7″E)

Gialia Monastery

Gialia Monastery is remains of a medieval monastery, discovered 40 years ago! It was a Georgian Orthodox church shrine, dedicated to Virgin Mary and Saint George.

Here you can see remains of the true medieval church, which was not reconstructed or modernized in later years.

Coordinates: 35°05’21.0″N 32°33’16.8″E

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