Do you want to spend some time in Cyprus actively and deep dive into Cypriot culture? In our beautiful island we do recommend to travel by car. Renting a car, you can not limit yourself only to the resort town you live in, but also see a lot of other interesting places.

We would like to present you 3 places where you can easily reach by car from Larnaca that you will never forget.

Ancient city of Idalium

On the Larnaca Nicosia route you can find the ancient Cypriot city of Idalium. We suggest you visit the archeological remains of this city and local archeological museum. You will learn not only about Ancient Greeks, but also about ancient Cypriot nations who lived here before Greek migration!

Coordinates: 35°00′57″N 33°25′23″E

Abandoned city of Agios Sozomenos

You may have heard about the Cypriot war that occurred 46 years ago. That war made a number of Cypriot villages and even towns abandoned. One of these villages is Agios Sozomenos.

Coordinates: 35°3′57″N 33°26′18″E)

Cyprus Museum of Natural History

Of course this museum is not so great as museums of natural history in New York or London, but we guess you will like this local museum. Mineral wealth of our island, prehistoric animals and the famous 3 meters bluntnose sixgill shark!

Coordinates: 35.074149, 33.382071

Opening days / hours: Monday- Friday, 08: 30-13: 00.

Do you like our recommendations and are you thinking about seeing this beauty with your own eyes? Explore our car fleet and find the right car to rent that will help you fully enjoy your trip to Cyprus!