Cyprus is not only about the sea, the beach and delicious food – it also has a rich history and many picturesque and unique places that you should definitely visit. Renting a car, you can not limit yourself only to the resort town you live in, but also see a lot of other interesting places.

We would like to present you 3 places where you can easily reach by car from Famagusta that you will never forget.

City center of Famagusta

It was the last stronghold of Venetian Cyprus. Here you can see a lot of well-preserved Medieval buildings: citadels, churches and long medieval walls.

Coordinates: 35.124718, 33.942485

The ancient city of Salamis

One of the biggest Ancient Cypriot poleis. Here you can find a large theater, a Roman gymnasium, baths, a forum and a temple of Zeus.

Coordinates: 35.184413, 33.901708)

Saint Barnabas Monastery and Icon museum

As you can guess, here is a great church dedicated to St. Barnabas, the patron saint of Cyprus. Now inside this church there is a museum of Christian icons from the 7th century AD!

Coordinates: 35.174460, 33.880170

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