Cyprus, an enchanting Mediterranean island, observes several bank holidays that are deeply rooted in its rich history and cultural traditions. These holidays offer a glimpse into the island’s unique blend of Greek and Turkish influences, making them a perfect opportunity for tourists to experience the local culture. Here’s your comprehensive guide to Cyprus bank holidays in 2024.

  1. Every Sunday
  2. Every Saturday (for bank transactions)
  3. Monday, 1 January – New Year’s Day
  4. Monday, 18 March – Green Monday
  5. Monday, 25 March – Greek Independence Day
  6. Monday, 1 April – Cyprus National Day
  7. Wednesday, 1 May – Labour Day
  8. Friday, 3 May – Good Friday (Greek Orthodox Church)
  9. Monday, 6 May – Easter Monday (Greek Orthodox Church)
  10. Tuesday, 7 May – Easter Tuesday (Greek Orthodox Church)
  11. Monday, 24 June – Pentecost
  12. Thursday, 15 August – Assumption Day
  13. Tuesday, 1 October – Cyprus Independence Day
  14. Monday, 28 October – Greek National Day
  15. Wednesday, 25 December – Christmas Day
  16. Thursday, 26 December – Boxing Day​​.

New Year’s Day: A Fresh Start (Monday, 1 January)

New Year’s Day in Cyprus is a time of joyous celebration, marking the beginning of the year. It’s a public holiday filled with fireworks, family gatherings, and festive meals. Visitors can enjoy vibrant street parties and traditional Cypriot events.

Green Monday: A Day of Nature (Monday, 18 March)

Green Monday is the start of Lent in the Greek Orthodox Church. It’s a day for outdoor activities, picnics in the countryside, and enjoying nature. This eco-friendly holiday reflects Cyprus’ commitment to environmental conservation and offers a unique experience for nature lovers.

Greek Independence Day: Remembering History (Monday, 25 March)

This day commemorates Greece’s independence from Ottoman rule. It’s marked by parades and cultural events, celebrating the shared heritage of Greece and Cyprus. Tourists can witness traditional dances, music, and historical reenactments.

Cyprus National Day: A Day of Pride (Monday, 1 April)

Cyprus National Day honors the island’s fight for independence from British rule. This patriotic holiday is filled with parades, flags, and nationalistic fervor, providing insight into the Cypriot spirit.

Easter Celebrations: A Religious Festivity (Friday, 3 May – Tuesday, 7 May)

Easter is a significant event in Cyprus, celebrated with various religious ceremonies and cultural events. Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Easter Tuesday are public holidays, offering a blend of solemn religious observance and joyous community festivities.

Pentecost: A Spiritual Experience (Monday, 24 June)

Pentecost is a religious holiday observed 50 days after Easter. It’s a day for church services and family gatherings, showcasing Cyprus’s deep Christian roots.

Assumption Day: Honoring Tradition (Thursday, 15 August)

This religious holiday celebrates the assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. It’s observed with church services and family feasts, highlighting the island’s strong ties to Orthodox Christianity.

Cyprus Independence Day: National Celebrations (Tuesday, 1 October)

Different from National Day, this holiday marks the independence of Cyprus from British administration. It’s celebrated with parades, fireworks, and cultural events, showcasing national pride and history.

Greek National Day: A Day of Remembrance (Monday, 28 October)

This day commemorates Greece’s refusal to surrender to the Axis powers during World War II. It’s observed with military parades and various public events, linking Cyprus’s history with that of Greece.

Christmas Festivities: A Season of Joy (Wednesday, 25 December – Thursday, 26 December)

Christmas in Cyprus is a magical time with festive lights, decorations, and traditional events. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are public holidays, offering visitors a chance to experience Cypriot hospitality and customs.

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