The international cycling race, Cyprus Gran Fondo 2023, is set to take place on the island from March 31 to April 2. Both amateur and professional cyclists are welcome to participate. The race is part of the UCI World Series and will culminate in Glasgow.

Over 400 cyclists from 30 countries have registered for the 2023 race, which is divided into two groups: Expert and Sportive (professional and amateur, respectively). The race will consist of three stages.

On the first day, the professionals will race from Nicoclia to Prastio and back, covering a 28.3 km track. Meanwhile, the amateur cyclists will cover a 54 km route from Pafos to Trachipedoula via the villages of Acheleia, Timi, Anarita, and Nat, with a finish in Nicoclia.

The second day will see the athletes cover a 101 km route from Pafos to Kuklia, passing through Nicoclia, Cholete, Nata, Trachipedoula, Kidas, Arso, Agios Nikolaos, and Pretoria.

The third day will be a 54 km route starting at the medieval castle of Pafos, heading to Amargeti and passing through the villages of Statos-Agios Fotios, Houl, and Fugue, Doll and will return to Paphos for the finish.

you can sign up to participate in the race here

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