Introduction to Rock Climbing Seminar

On February 18th, Episkopi Environmental Centre in Paphos will host a unique opportunity for those interested in trying their hand at rock climbing. This event is designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, providing a comprehensive introduction to the sport under the guidance of an experienced, English-speaking instructor with certification.

Seminar Highlights

Experienced Instruction

Participants will benefit from the expertise of an accomplished rock climber who is not only proficient in the sport but also certified to instruct. This ensures that attendees will receive high-quality, knowledgeable guidance.

Comprehensive Overview

The seminar will cover an introduction to rock climbing, giving participants a solid foundation in the sport. It will include practical acquaintance with essential tools, safety protocols, training techniques, and an invitation to join Cyprus’ climbing community.

Practical Training and Socializing

An organized training session on the rocks will introduce the basic principles of bouldering—climbing on large boulders. This hands-on experience is complemented by a picnic, offering a chance to socialize and discuss the day’s learning with fellow enthusiasts.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is recommended for individuals over 14 years of age interested in learning about rock climbing in a supportive and educational environment.

Booking and Additional Information

To reserve your spot, call 26-642-234 in the mornings from Tuesday to Sunday or visit the website and click “Contact Us”. The presentation will be in English with Greek translation, starting at 11:00 on February 18th. The participation fee is 3 euros, making it an affordable opportunity for anyone interested in the sport.

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