The Top 5 Best Restaurants in Larnaca, Cyprus

Larnaca, a beautiful city in Cyprus known for its stunning beaches and rich history, also boasts an eclectic food scene that caters to various palates. From high-end restaurants to cozy local eateries, the city has something for everyone. Here is a roundup of the top 5 best restaurants in Larnaca you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Nippon Japanese Restaurant

Cuisine: Japanese

  • Highlights: Fresh sushi, warm sake, and tranquil ambiance
  • Location: 13, Evriviadou, Larnaca
  • Must-try: Dragon Roll and Matcha Ice Cream

If you’re a sushi aficionado, Nippon Japanese Restaurant is the place for you. Not only does it offer an authentic Japanese dining experience, but the restaurant also sources fresh seafood to ensure the highest quality of its dishes.

2. Art Café 1900


Cuisine: Mediterranean

  • Highlights: Artistic interiors, live music, and a diverse menu
  • Location: Stasinou 6, Larnaca
  • Must-try: Moussaka and Greek Salad

Art Café 1900 combines food with art, making it a perfect spot for those who appreciate both. The place often hosts live music, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

3. To Kazani Traditional Tavern

Cuisine: Cypriot

  • Highlights: Authentic local food, rustic setting, and friendly staff
  • Location: 40 Nikolaou Rossou, Larnaca
  • Must-try: Meze Platter and Grilled Halloumi

For a taste of authentic Cypriot cuisine, To Kazani Traditional Tavern offers a range of local dishes in a warm, rustic setting.

4. Monte Carlo Restaurant

Monte Carlo Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian

  • Highlights: Ocean views, fine wines, and gourmet pasta
  • Location: Foinikoudes Promenade, Larnaca
  • Must-try: Seafood Linguine and Tiramisu

Monte Carlo offers an elegant dining experience with a spectacular view of the ocean. Their menu boasts a selection of classic Italian dishes, making it a must-visit for lovers of Italian cuisine.

5. Aldente Cucina Italiana

Aldente Cucina Italiana

Cuisine: Italian

  • Highlights: Authentic Italian cuisine, cozy atmosphere, and high-quality ingredients
  • Location: 79 Ermou Street, Larnaca
  • Must-try: Risotto al Funghi and Panna Cotta

Another gem for Italian food lovers, Aldente Cucina Italiana takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients in their well-crafted dishes.