Starting from January 4th, road tax for 2023 can be paid in Cyprus. The deadline for payment without penalty is March 11th. The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Cyprus recommends paying the tax on time, without waiting until the last moment.

To pay the tax, a certificate of passing the MOT and an insurance policy for the vehicle are required. The tax can be paid for three, six, nine, or twelve months.

Payment can be made on the website of the Road Transport Department, at citizen service centers (KEP), at main post offices, or at Road Transport Department branches. However, in 2023, payment will not be accepted at bank branches.

If the car is not in use or has been involved in an accident and is not repairable, or if it is being recycled, the tax does not need to be paid. In this case, the Road Transport Department should be notified by filling out the TOM 98A form and obtaining a Certificate of Destruction.

If the owner of the car is not using it, for example, if they do not live on the island or plan to leave for an extended period, they can fill out the TOM 12 form and submit it to the Road Transport Department to immobilize the vehicle.

Please note that starting from March 12th, a penalty of 10 euros plus a 10% penalty of the tax for the year will be imposed for late payment.

For people who rent cars, this information is not relevant. The company pays all taxes for them