On Friday, June 14, 2024, the Mall of Cyprus will host an enchanting event, “Running Under the Moon.” This night-time run is designed to bring together company teams, friends, and families for an exhilarating experience under the starlit sky. The event features two race categories: a 10km run for seasoned athletes and a 5km run for those looking for a fun, energetic outing. Both races will commence at 7:30 PM, offering participants a unique opportunity to enjoy the cooler evening temperatures and the beautiful ambiance of the illuminated mall area.

The event promises more than just a run; it’s a community celebration. Participants can look forward to an electric atmosphere filled with music, refreshments, and entertainment throughout the evening. The Mall of Cyprus, located in Nicosia, serves as an ideal venue, providing ample parking and a vibrant backdrop for this night-time athletic event​.

“Running Under the Moon” aims to foster team spirit and camaraderie, making it an excellent team-building opportunity for companies. It also encourages individuals of all fitness levels to partake in a healthy activity, promoting physical well-being in a fun and supportive environment.

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