Cyprus Bank Holidays 2024

The Central Bank of Cyprus has released its official list of bank holidays for the year 2023. The schedule includes a total of 14 public holidays, which includes both national and religious observances.

According to the announcement, all banks and financial institutions in Cyprus will be closed on the following days:

  1. New Year’s Day – January 1st, 2023 (Sunday)
  2. Epiphany – January 6th, 2023 (Friday)
  3. Green Monday – February 27th, 2023 (Monday)
  4. Greek Independence Day – March 25th, 2023 (Saturday)
  5. National Day – April 1st, 2023 (Saturday)
  6. Orthodox Good Friday – April 14th, 2023 (Friday)
  7. Orthodox Easter Monday – April 17th, 2023 (Monday)
  8. Labour Day – May 1st, 2023 (Monday)
  9. Pentecost – June 5th, 2023 (Monday)
  10. Assumption Day – August 15th, 2023 (Tuesday)
  11. Cyprus Independence Day – October 1st, 2023 (Sunday)
  12. Ochi Day – October 28th, 2023 (Saturday)
  13. Christmas Day – December 25th, 2023 (Monday)
  14. Boxing Day – December 26th, 2023 (Tuesday)

During these bank holidays, ATMs and online banking services will still be available, but customers are advised to plan their transactions in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

In addition to these scheduled holidays, banks in Cyprus may also close for unforeseen events or emergencies, in accordance with the country’s banking regulations.

Cyprus is known for its vibrant tourism industry and has been a popular destination for travelers around the world. Visitors are advised to take note of these holidays when planning their trips to avoid any inconvenience.

For more information on the bank holidays schedule in Cyprus, customers are advised to contact their respective banks or visit the Central Bank of Cyprus website.